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Useful Micro:Bit Links

A short collection of links you may find useful

The companies below are not recommend or endorsed by me or the BBC but are companies I have used to source the materials used in the development of the projects included in this site.

BBC Micro:Bit |

The core page for all things Micro:Bit related.

MicroPython |

API Documentation for the Micro:Bit version of MicroPython.

Maplin |

A good place to purchase inventor kits and protoype boards

Sparkfun |

Purchase and get details for the sprkfun open logger which is compatible with the Micro:Bit

GearBest |

A sources for the WS2812B-8 8bit RGB LED ColorMix module that is compatible with the Neopix library for the Microbit and MicroPython

Kitronic |

Manufacturer and retailer of Micro:bit accessories and prototyping kit

Mbed |

Develop in C++

Mu |

A fuller featured version of MicroPython for the BBC Micro:bit

MicroFS |

Add on for Python to work with files stored in the Micro:bit flash storage


A great website for pocket money priced electronics and Micro:bit resources